Friday, January 27, 2012

Belly shots!

A few weeks ago when I was about 36 weeks along, my good friend Vivian took some maternity pictures for me. I am so thrilled with how they turned out! I was way too afraid to do anything like this when I was pregnant with Carter because I felt so fat and I was self conscious about it. Because of my silliness, I have a total of 3 prego pictures for Carter to look back on in the future. The funny part is, this pregnancy I am actually heavier but more confident about my pregnant body. I didn't want to miss out on getting some good pictures for this little girl to always have and remember. We didn't get more than one or two good ones with us as a family because it was freezing cold and Carter really just wasn't having it. He got pretty cranky quickly. I have had some people ask to see all of the pictures so here they are. These are not all of them because I have about 40 and that seems like way too many to put on a blog!
 Big Brother! So excited.

 Carter gives the baby kisses all the time. Its really adorable!

 Being a willing participant for one minute. Such a cheese ball!

 Sure loves his daddy! 

This is the best one we could get as a family! 
I haven't been a huge fan of naked belly shots in the past, but I think these ones turned out beautiful and tastefully done. I was worried though! If you are interested in seeing more of Vivian's photography you can head over here to her website!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Two posts in two days! I am on a roll! Kaleb and I came across this little gem of a picture last night and couldn't help but laugh. Carter hasn't changed his facial expressions much over the last 3 years has he?

We sure love this kid!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two weeks and counting!

I have less than two weeks left until this little girl is supposed to arrive! I have been feeling pretty swollen, sore, and most especially lazy! I have been getting the babies room together and making everything tidy for her arrival, but its a rarity to see me out of my comfy pj's! Or... at least the ones that still fit ;). I haven't stepped on a scale for at least two months, but I know I have been gaining massive amount of weight. Probably not as much as I imagine, but I am feeling pretty huge. All of my downeast basic undershirts don't actually fit over my belly anymore. Luckily all of my maternity shirts are pretty long so no one has to see the belly! I have neglected to take any pictures of myself for almost 10 weeks so I finally took one last week when I hit 38 weeks.

Still in my pajamas! 

This was me 10 weeks ago at 28 weeks.

I actually don't look much different do I? My belly is a little rounder and slightly bigger now but compared to many other women I know I don't look as pregnant as they do. But I sure feel like it! My doctor is out of town until next week so I don't have a 38 week appointment. My next appointment where they check to see if I am dilated etc. is on Monday the 30th when I will be 39 weeks and 3 days, and I can't wait to see what they tell me. My due date is February 3rd so we will see if this baby wants to be early or late. When I was pregnant with Carter I was actually scheduled to be induced two days after his due date so that my mom could plan around work to come into town. In the wee hours of that same induction date morning, I went into labor on my own! I still had to wait hours before going in, but at least my body did it on its own. I wonder how this time will be? I don't mind going over my due date since I already know I will, but I don't want to go WAY over. I am ready now! I would be happy to have this baby now if I could control the timing, but I am sure that is something every woman wishes they had power over. 

Carter could not be more thrilled to have a baby sister. We bought him a book for Christmas called "I'm a new big brother," and he has memorized the entire thing. Seriously, he reads it to me and he actually says pretty much word for word what the book says. He is probably the most excited of us all and it already in "helping" mode. He sings and talks to the baby every morning and tells her all about his day. he especially loves to share his primary and preschool songs he learns with her. Carter has turned into quite the little singer. He is on tune about... oh... let's say 60% of the time :). The other 40% it sounds like he is just making it up as he goes along. His favorite thing to do lately is makeup his own songs about his toys or himself or whatever he happens to be doing. He is going to be a great big brother. 

Since I am not very good at blogging, this could very well be my last post until after I have the baby. Hopefully next time you hear from me I will have a beautiful baby girl to show off! Wish me luck! :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Best Stuff Ever

My new super obsession. 

At least I am not in on this one by myself. Kaleb is a huge lover of herbal tea and this has only made his love grow. I on the other hand have never really liked herbal tea but now I can't seem to get enough of these delicious flavors! 

And we owe all the the past and future pockets full of money we spend on this stuff to my brother and his wife. Thanks a lot guys! :)  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


As I get closer and closer to having this little girl I have found some weird cravings that I just can't seem to live without. And NONE of them are healthy in the slightest. 

I bought Kaleb one of these babies for Christmas 

which has really been to my benefit since my #1 ultimate 
unhealthy craving has been hot chocolate. But not just any hot chocolate... I am talking some homemade ITALIAN hot chocolate. It is thick and creamy like a pudding, and made with real chocolate, creamy milk (or sometimes real cream!) and potato starch, with some whip cream on top. I crave any sort of hot chocolate at any given moment, but every night my honey makes sure to make me a cup of the most delicious and fattening slice of heaven that I have ever tasted. It is definitely my #1 vice to get rid of AFTER I have this baby :)

#2 would have to be these spicy treats
At the beginning and middle of my pregnancy I wanted jalapeno's on EVERYTHING that I ate. I normally can't take spicy foods but for some cooky reason they were all I wanted. So we would make homemade nachos and pizza and smother them with those spicy little buggers until the wonderful acid and heartburn started about 6 months into being pregnant and no matter how many tums I took or antacid pills, I just couldn't take it anymore. This has become my fattening little compromise. I seriously cannot stop at just one... bag!! I buy them in two's and three's because I know I have an addiction. I hide them in the pantry so that I can't just see them all the time and chow down all the time. I have to actually think about them and go looking for them in order to start devouring them. I still get the heartburn, but not nearly as intense as with the straight up jalapeno's. You don't want to know how many calories are in them and neither do I. I am actually too afraid to look at the nutritional contents because then I will feel even guiltier about my addictions! 

#3 craving is not nearly as bad as the other two. And it is the only one I had when I was pregnant with Carter. 
 ICE CREAM! Who doesn't just love ice cream?! I could eat ice cream any and all of the time whether I am pregnant or not, but its more intensified while I am prego. My favorite is Tillamook's chocolate peanut butter, but really any kind will do. I don't eat this very often, but I have a stock pile in my freezer because you never know when the craving will hit and the hubby won't give in to my pleadings of going out into the freezing cold weather at 11 pm at night to go and find a place that is open to cater to my NEEDS! (Which actually happened when I was 8 1/2 months prego with Carter and Kaleb has vowed never to do it again... But can you blame him? haha) Luckily I like all the creamy and chocolaty flavors and Kaleb only really likes sorbet (which I really can't stand too much unless I'm desperate for a fix). This means he never eats any of my golden treasures in the freezer. He especially does not like chocolate and peanut butter combined (go figure right?!) or peanut butter in general so I can pretty much guarantee that he will never lay a finger on my butterfinger! Now carter is a whole other story... That kid likes it all! Even the most cleaver of hiding spots become found if he has his mind set on finding it. Grr! 
All of this being said, I have of course gained a lot of weight these past few weeks. I had lost weight at the beginning because I was sick so often and for so long everyday that I was lucky to get one simple meal in. Once I started feeling better I slowly started gaining the weight back, but I didn't realize how fast I would surpass my original weight and becoming a beached whale! I really am trying not to overdo it, but like I said, that hot chocolate is a non negotiable every single day and those calories really start to add up. It is pretty disgusting. I haven't passed my weight when I gave birth to Carter yet, but I still have 4 weeks to go so I am pretty sure I will be entering the hospital on a stretcher since I will be too heavy to walk or be carried. 
The only thing that makes me feel good about it all is how good these cravings taste. Seriously. I am pretty much shoving a slice of heaven down my throat every time I cave in and eat. And that's not so bad right? And I only have a month left of this before I have to give it up and give into the guilt of being over weight and no longer having the excuse of being pregnant. Plus, Kaleb still tells me how beautiful I am even when I don't pressure him into giving me the compliment on the days I am feeling my worst. He is the greatest support and makes me feel like I am still that young, cute, skinny girl he married. :) And I get an adorable baby girl out of all of this chaotic calorie intake! That alone makes it all worth it.