Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 Days and Counting!

So this week has been completely useless. We leave on Friday for Milan, and I can't focus on anything! My house is a mess, I haven't hardly cooked at all- or at least planned ahead with what I am going to cook it mostly just turns out to be last minute chicken or pasta (pasta... go figure right ?:) I just want to spend all my time engrossed in my plans for Italy! Ugh, it is really bad. I feel bad for Carter! He has gotten to be really good at playing by himself all week because I am reading or on the computer just learning about the places we will visit, or the areas we will be in. If I am this excited, I wonder how Kaleb feels? I keep asking him if he is excited and he just says "of course" and then goes on like its not even that big of a deal. Secretly I know he is more excited than I will ever be. He calls Italy his birthplace. We eat some variation of pasta at least 5 nights a week. He pretty mush considers English to be his second language now, like Italian was in him from the moment he first spoke. He wants to cover one whole wall of our house with a giant Italian flag.... The word obsessed comes to mind and it would be the correct term to give to Kaleb. I think I may be more excited that Kaleb finally gets to go back to Italy, than for me to be going for my first time. I know me and Carter are #1 on his priority list, but #2 would be Italy, and it is a close close race. Actually, #2 would be tied between Italy and computers.... but that is just a side note. :)

We are leaving Carter with my in-laws and I am pretty nervous. Not to leave him with them, but to leave him at all for two and a half weeks! Any suggestions on what I can do to be less anxious about it? I am excited to leave him so that I can have a two week 2nd honeymoon with Kaleb, but I have never left Carter before. I dont want my anxiety affecting the trip at all. And part of me is worried I will never see carter again- like maybe something will happen to him while I am gone. I know that is just silly, but I also think every mom in the world feels that way a little bit when leaving their children. UGH! Give me words of comfort!! haha. I was also worried about me dying and what would happen to Carter, but I feel a lot more at ease now that we have decided who would take Carter and that he would be taken care of and loved. I think most of my anxiety has come from the many many people who keep telling us that we should write a will. I mean, I hear that everywhere I go! I am really not planning on dying, but I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

As for an update on Carter, last week he has all of a sudden started throwing temper tantrums! If he doesnt get what he wants, his whole body goes limp and he falls to the floor and kicks his feet and screams. I thought this is what terrible two's were like?!! It's not supposed to be terrible 15 month olds! Any advice on how to get him to stop? Nicely?! Haha, not that he has really ever listened to me up to this point. He is pretty much a "my way or the highway" kind of a baby. I just have a hard time finding ways to discipline him since he never listens or cares no matter how I discipline him. And I thought girls were supposed to be the rebellious hard headed ones and boys the sweet and nice ones?! :) Well here are some pictures of Carter since I have never posted any on here.

Lately he has become extremely attached to the binky! I think its because he is getting his molars and he chews on it constantly.

He loves to brush his teeth! His toothbrush is always in his mouth and he always gets the tube of baby toothpaste and brings it to me so that I can put it on his brush. Nothing like good oral hygiene!

The blowdryer is one of his favorite toys. Let me rephrase- the blowdryer when turned ON is one of his favorite toys!

Always making faces.... I dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing?! :)

One day soon, after I post pictures from Italy and such, I will post pictures of Carter from birth until now. I feel bad I havent put anything on here of him.... But I will! Highlights of his life are soon to come! :)