Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tautphaus Park Zoo

last Saturday I wanted to go to the Zoo for my birthday and we just crossed our fingers that the weather would be good. It rained on Friday but when we woke up on Saturday the sun was out and shining in all its glory! I was soooo happy until we actually went outside and realized even though the sun was out, it was still freezing cold! And to top it off, on our way to the Zoo it started to snow! But we were all bundled up and decided just to face whatever weather came our way. It started out pretty nice but by the end it was a downpour so we had to leave the Zoo quickly. All in all it was a nice time though. Carter loves seeing cats and dogs so I thought he would just LOVE the Zoo but it turns out he couldn't care less about the animals. He just wanted to climb on all of the fences and run away from us at top speeds. We went with our friends and their little girl who is Carter age and she sat there in awe looking at all of the animals. She even tried to say their names and was pretty successful at it. Talking? What does Carter care about talking?! There are way too many more important things than learning how to speak! Haha, that is pretty much where Carter is on that. Oh well, I am working on it with him. It doesn't help that he won't sit still for two seconds and learn words with me. He is just too busy moving all over the place and getting into every possible thing he can reach. That is pretty much how he was at the Zoo too. I think it might have been better if there were more animals he could have seen. many of the animals, especially the ones in water, were not out to see because it was too cold for them. Even the alligators, which Kaleb and I love, were not there. :( Tautphaus Park Zoo is the largest Zoo in Idaho.... which sounds really cool, until you stop to think about just how many Zoo's are actually IN Idaho. Then you realize that it is not hard to be the largest Zoo when there are like 3 in all of Idaho :) It still was a fun day that we got to spend with good friends. We will for sure go back when the weather warms up for good!

The lion was sleeping the WHOLE time we were there!
Zebras are my favorite!
This peacock was like inches away from me. It followed us everywhere.

Peacocks are so beautiful! Too bad it was such a dreary day or else its colors would have been much more vivid.

Riding his very own tiger!
Walking with the wild cats!
Riding the chicken with Addison
Looking at the Penguins
Kaleb measuring up to an Eagle
Llama llama llamas!
Carter loved looking through this window because it was just his size

LOVED this drinking fountain!
Awe! Holding hands with his good buddy Addison
Good thing he didn't hatch from something this size! It would have killed me
In his cozy little nest
Carter's absolute favorite part was feeding the goats at the petting zoo

He had NO FEAR! He loved them!
We needed a lot of hand sanitizer after this! It was pretty gross
New best friends :)
Another favorite!
Man, these guys can open their mouths so wide! It was kind of scary! They kept pecking at our feet. Good thing we had food to give them!
It may not look like it, but Carter was all the way at the other side of the clearing we were standing in. It was just one of the many times he tried to run away from us. As frustrating as it was, it was kind of cute how he would turn around to see if we were chasing him :)
Looking at more monkey's! My hand covered the flash on accident so Carters face is a little bright.