Monday, November 3, 2008

Pumpkin Carving!

So Kaleb and I decided to buy pumpkins this year and carve them out. Little did we know how much of a project it would turn out to be. We went to Broulims and this made Kaleb super excited because he saw how HUGE their pumpkins were. He had never carved a big, or even really a medium sized pumpkin before which I thought was so sad. So, we decided that he just HAD to find the biggest pumpkin he could and it turned out to be over 40 lbs! Mine was only half that size. But he was such a happy boy:) We weren't going to carve them until a few days later so we let them sit in our kitchen while we admired them day after day. On the morning of the big carving day, I decided to gut out my pumpkin early while Kaleb was at work so that we could have some yummy pumpkin seeds to chew on that night. It was probably the hardest thing I have done in a long time! I swear it was the thickest pumpkin I have ever seen! We bought a little carving kit with knives and everything and the knives wouldn't even go all the way through the pumpkin skin. It took me hours just to get the top off and gut out the insides. It made me a little nervous for Kalebs 40 pounder.
Well that night we had a couple of our friends over and the festivities began. Once I got the hang of the knives and the thickness of my pumpkin I was able to carve my cute sexy kitty of a pumpkin and then socialize with our friends. I guess I knew what to expect from my pumpkin because of my earlier adventure, but Kaleb on the other hand didn't. He became so quiet once we started carving which is not like him at all and he had this permanent look of frustration on his face. Not only was his pumpkin twice as big as the rest of ours, but he also had printed off a stensil from online for a Frankenstein Monster face which was pretty hard to carve. In the end it turned out ok but he was so upset at his pumpkin the whole way through. And to top it all off, our pumpkins didn't even last until Halloween! They shriveled up and got looking terrible.
Oh well! It was super fun and an experience we will not forget anytime soon. And we did get a lot of pumpkin seeds out of it which turned out great! Yumm!