Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Un-Birthday!

So today is carters 18 month un-birthday! He is such a big boy and has grown so much I can't believe it! It makes me feel sad thinking about how my baby isn't really a baby anymore. Well, for anyone who knows Carter or new him when he was a new born or just a few months old knows he was never really a baby. He never took a nap when he was first born until he was 3 months old and started teething. He did sleep through the night right away and I suppose that is all the sleep he thought he needed. He just has always had too much energy. My friend once said to me "Doesn't he know he is a baby and isn't supposed to be able to do those things?" He rolled over early (a little over 1 month old), he sat up without any assistance whatsoever really early (just before 4 months old), he started walking (actually more like running) mega early (8 months) etc etc... you get the picture. I am not saying all of this to boast, but merely to emphasize the fact that the kid never acted like a baby. He always just wanted to be onto the next thing and has never once slowed down to enjoy (or at least let me enjoy) infancy. He is so curious about every little thing around him but he never just sits there to play. He is constantly moving and exploring the world around him. We have been struggling with naps lately because he must think he is too old now. I have been winning the war, but it is a constant battle between us. He is just not tired enough I guess.

My favorite part about this age is his imagination. He pretends to eat food and to play with imaginary friends. It is so darn cute! I love when he holds out his palm, grabs some pretend candy or food between his fingers and puts it in my mouth. I gobble it up and say "YUM!" and then he puts some "food" in his mouth and does the same. How do kids learn to pretend? There are so many things he does that I swear I never taught him or showed him, but he figured it out. He is such a helper too. He helps me clean up (although it is his mess we are cleaning and he gets it messy again immediately), he goes and gets things in another room that I ask for, he goes into his room and grabs a diaper and lays down when I say "Lets change your bum!" He also knows when I am sad and need a hug. He lets me cuddle with him and get the comfort I need from his snuggles and kisses. He sees me angry or sad or crying and he comes up to me and puts his arms around me and lays on my shoulder until he sees that I am ok. Then he gives me a big fat kiss and smiles that crooked little smile at me and I can't help but to feel 100% better. It is so wonderful and cute! I really just LOVE this age. The only problem he seems to have is when he isn't allowed to do something. Its like his ears refuse to hear the word "no". Or at least he chooses not care. But I am sure that is to be expected at his age.

His vocabulary has exploded in the last few months and he loves to play the copycat game. We will say a word, and he copies it to the best of his ability. He does pretty well with one syllable words, but struggles with two to three syllable ones. I'd say he gets it pretty spot on about 80% of the time. There are so many words he knows and I can't think of every single one off the top of my head, but here are a few:
daddy, dad
mommy, mom, mama
grandma (more like he says a g sound and then ma after- like gma)Andrew (like andoo)
nana (for both banana and grandma barlow)
thank you
binky (haha, more like kinky- he refuses to say the b!)
kitty-kitty (more like ki-ki)
I can't think of any others but I know there are more. He also does many animal noises and a few signs if grandma or I help him. I love it! He is my sweet little man and I can't believe that he is now more than half way to being 2 years old. That is just CRAZY! I am so grateful for him in our lives and he just makes my days 100% better for being part of them. We love you Carter!!

These are the pictures I had my friend take for Kaleb for Fathers Day, but I think it is appropriate to show you all how cute Carter is before this Sunday :) Enjoy!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Under Construction!

I have noticed lately how much my blog stinks. I mean, I know I am really not much of a blogger in the first place, but I at least want it to look pretty! Right now it looks like I just picked the most basic layout and fonts (which I did) and didn't put any effort into it (which is also true). But those of you who know me best, (my husband especially) know how computer illiterate I actually am. I had a hard time just figuring out how to create an account on facebook (that really took me a long time and I had to have a roommate do it for me). It really makes no sense, seeing how I have been surrounded by computer savvy people all my life, and then married a computer genius ;) But I guess when that monumental computer moment happened in my life, where it would either make me or break me, turning me into a computer know-how or a just a computer NO-HOW- something didn't click and I turned down that dark road of technology ignorance.

BUT! I will not let this interfere with my changing my whole life around and making something of my online self. My blog WILL be beautiful and I WILL make you all jealous! Muahahahaha! And... I will probably end up getting my husband to do most of the work, while under the guise of "showing me how to do it", but secretly I wont have the slightest idea what he is talking about.

For example, my loving sister gave me a couple of links I could follow to help me get some cool fonts and also to make a signature (the signature I finally ended up doing after like an hour and a half of trying... but look how pretty it looks?!!! :) Getting the fonts seemed easy enough but after trying to follow the tutorial I got pretty lost and spent pretty much the entire day yesterday confusing myself over and over again until finally i just said "FORGET IT!" (literally I said it out loud and in utter despair.) When Kaleb got home I asked him to help me and at first he wasn't sure what the tutorial was talking about, but then after a moment or so once he figured out what the end goal was, he had it finished within minutes. MINUTES!!! It had taken me hours. HOURS!! And then he had the nerve to say in his super smart and sexy way something like this- "I could have done that a completely different way and saved you a whole lot of time." Well, I wish I had known that yesterday morning when I first attempted to do it. I secretly thought if I could do it myself then I could show him that I had computer smarts too, but it ended up totally backfiring. Ugh! Hahaha, he is so smart though. I wish I had even 1% of his computer knowledge.

So, from now until... whenever I get it done, things will probably look somewhat ugly. Things will be stretched, smooshed, cut off, not color coordinated, fonts will be too big, too little, or just won't match, huge gaps may be apparent, but don't worry- I am working on it! (well, hopefully I am- I may have just given up and this is what it is going to look like for good :) Be patient with me and know I am doing this for YOU and for your visual pleasure. And for my ego :D And to those 5 readers that I have, thank you for actually reading and being my friends!!!!