Friday, April 23, 2010

Ugh, I spoke too soon!

For the past two days its been freezing cold and raining. I shouldn't have been so optimistic about the sunshine! I cursed our good weather! Today at least the sun is out, but its still cold and windy. Oh well, at least our grass is getting watered so it can be nice and green so we can impress the neighbors! Haha, keeping up with the Joneses isn't easy around these parts! I feel bad for Carter though, he has been so used to going outside everyday and now he's been cooped up in doors. He is getting cabin fever and driving me crazy in the process! Lets hope its sunny next week because we are going to the Zoo for my birthday. Carter has never been, but he loves animals so I am excited for him to go. Keep your fingers crossed that the sun will come out and play!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Finally, Some Warm Weather Worth Mentioning! (How's that for alliteration?!)

For months now the weather just has been so stubborn and fickle. One day it will be beautiful and warm, and the next there will be snow covering the ground and it will be FREEZING! The wind doesn't help one bit. But for the past week and a half straight its been in the 70's! It has been so nice in fact that I just can't seem to stay inside! Carter and I have been going on walks and playing in the yard (which is now freshly mowed and rid of all the dead grass that the gross spiders have been living in- yuck!). Our friend Charlotte and her little girl Bree have been playing with us everyday. Bree and Carter are the same age so its been so much fun for him. I love getting out of the house and having another female adult I can talk to and actually hold a conversation with. Its been so nice! I forget how to talk adult sometimes because I am so used to saying all of the baby things Carter says. Here are some highlights of our recently warm days.
Playing in the tunnel

Playing in the other tunnel

Charlotte and Bree

Putting the lens cap back on for me

Taking a swig of his juice. It was hot!

Giving each other hugs

Playing with his balloon kite :)
The twin slides were so much fun

He loved crawling through the tunnels

Playing in the dirt where he didn't think I could see him :)

Lets hope this warm weather lasts. Its time to get out and start the gardening! We are ripping some trees and shrubs out to make a garden and then replanting the trees somewhere else in our yard. We want to make both a vegetable and flower garden and I am excited to improve the look of our yard! It is pretty boring and ugly at the moment. Sometime this summer we want to also redo our deck. It is kind of small and really weather worn. Hopefully we will be doubling its size and re-staining it the color we want. Stay tuned for updated on how that is progressing (or not progressing depending on if we even get around to it!).