Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A quick update on my kids... since I know that is all you care about :) Mila and Carter are my favorite people (next to Kaleb of course) so I love bragging about them every chance I get!

-Growing like a weed! Finally getting into 4T clothes
-Knows his alphabet completely and can recognize and identify each letter 
(both capitol and lowercase)
-Starting to identify small words when he sees them
-Can spell his name and attempts to write it (not the best at it, but he tries!)
-LOVES to sing, especially to his baby sister. He makes up all sorts of songs and sings 
them while playing by himself as well as to mommy and daddy at bedtime
-Loves loves LOVES his baby sister. He tells me all the time how much he just loves her. 
He sings to her and cuddles her and pretty much smothers her with love
-Even though he loves his sister, he wants his own time with mommy and daddy
 (especially daddy!) without baby sister involved
-Is very independent which leads to trouble most days
-Likes throwing temper tantrums OFTEN. It's pretty much his way 
or the highway (or so he thinks)
-Still the sweetest kid in the whole wide world. He sure knows how to melt
 our hearts with his love and kindness
-Still having a hard time with peeing the bed at night (GRR!)
-Has told me over and over that he wants to be a Dinosaur Pilot when he grows up... if that is possible, I am sure he will accomplish that goal!
-Obsessed with Dinosaurs! (as made obvious above)
-Loves his Heavenly Father and big brother Jesus. 
-Loves saying prayers all by himself
-Learning to be responsible by doing chores and earning pennies

Had to get his picture taken in front of the temple! His favorite place to see.

With his favorite person ever!

So independent even with his hair! 
 With his three favorite things; pop-sickles, his stuffed bear, and Diego!
 My handsome boy

-3 months old now!  She is growing much to fast for my liking
-She is our chunky monkey! Weighs 15 lbs
-Already getting too big for some of her 3-6 month clothes
-A daddies girl through and through (darnit! :)
-Has a bit of colic especially at night
-Loves when daddy bounces her (only he seems to be able to do it right so that she stops crying)
-Loves standing more than sitting or laying
-Hates tummy time! 
-Started rolling over a month ago to get out of having her dreaded tummy time
-Can't hold her head up too well yet- also because she won't do the tummy time!
 (but she is getting better and better everyday)
-A very happy girl! Loves to smile and laugh every second 
(when she isn't screaming her head off because of the colic)
-Still sleeps through the night (a good 12 solid hours! Hooray for me! knock on wood!!)
-Loves to sing! Makes me so happy I have 2 kids who love music.
 I sing to Mila while rocking her to sleep and every time she starts cooing and gurgling along with me. (LOVE IT!)
- Starting to chew on EVERY thing she can put in her mouth

Holding her head up! This is the best she does. So adorable!

"Who is this weirdo staring at me?" Carter newest favorite toy Phineas 

Loves sucking and chewing on whatever she can get in her mouth

My big girl! 3 months just flew by!

Me and my lovelies!

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